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Why bkSMS ?
Send SMS from your PC to any mobile
Receive SMS to your PC from any mobile


  • Target your audiences direct from your PC
  • Text messaging has already changed the way we communicate. bkSMS can revolutionise your marketing and the way you connect with staff, customers and trading partners.
  • bkSMS can give you fast access to the local mobile market and a global market of millions.
  • The power to get instant information direct to individually targeted customers, suppliers and employees via their mobile devices direct from your PC.
  • Whether you're a small business or a major corporate, bkSMS can enhance your customer relationship management, operational and promotional effectiveness.
  • Fast, seamless, real-time communications, anytime. Effective and efficient way to communicate within your organisation, particularly if you have employees out on the road.

We can customise bkSMS software to do the following:-

  • Email Monitoring with SMS Alert/Notification - Monitor MS-Outlook mailbox (Inbox) for a custom/specified Subject and Attachment and send sms alert when an email is received/not received.
  • Send SMS from SQL database - Connect to any database like MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, and send sms based on a criteria you define.
  • Receive SMS into SQL database - Automatically receive SMS and store into any database like MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle.
  • Monitor a text file for changes and if there is a change send the contents of the file as SMS to a single mobile number or to a group of mobile numbers. Contact us for any customisation of receiving, processing, sending SMS.


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